19 Sep 2019

Telin Signs an Agreement with HKBN Enterprise Solutions

Hong Kong, 19 September 2019 – CEO Telin Hong Kong – Indarto Nata and CEO Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) Enterprise Solutions – Billy Yeung signed a contract regarding data center business. The signing was held at the HKBN office, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong on Thursday, September 19, 2019. The signing was also witnessed by VP Enterprise & Wholesale Business Telin Hong Kong – Bellinda Lee, CCO HKBN Enterprise Solutions – Adrian Watt and COO HKBN Enterprise Solutions – Doris Chan. 

HKBN Enterprise Solutions has entrusted Telin Hong Kong with expanding their service capacity in Telin Hong Kong neuCentrIX data center. This makes HKBN able to offer quality service for serve their enterprise customers. HKBN has a business in telecommunications solutions for both the residential and enterprise markets, encompassing broadband and Wi-Fi network services, cloud solutions, data connectivity, data facilities, system integration, mobile services, entertainment and voice communications.

28 Aug 2019

Epsilon delivers direct and on-demand cloud connectivity for Telin Hong Kong

August 28, 2019

Telin HK gains the flexibility, scalability and agility of a world-class SDN platform to connect its customers to Cloud Service Providers in Asia

Singapore, 28 August 2019 – Epsilon, a privately-owned global communications Service Provider, has been chosen by Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Hongkong) Limited (Telin HK), a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International, to deliver its Direct Cloud Connect solution in Asia. Telin HK can now establish direct and secure connection to Alibaba Cloud as well as other major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) interconnected on Epsilon’s global network fabric.
Direct Cloud Connect is an ethernet service delivered via the Infiny by Epsilon Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform. With Infiny, Telin HK gains on-demand connectivity to a global ecosystem of CSPs, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud, from a single platform. The SDN platform also allows Telin HK to interconnect with over 220 data centres and major Internet Exchanges (IX) globally, enabling faster service deployment and increasing its global network coverage.

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading Cloud hubs and a strategic market for regional and global businesses. Using our Direct Cloud Connect solution, Telin HK instantly expands their service capabilities to offer customers high-performance connectivity to the Cloud. Infiny is bringing on-demand global connectivity to service providers and powering digital transformation across Asia and around the world. We are pleased to support Telin HK as they continue to grow their telecommunications and data centre services to better serve their customers’ Cloud needs in Asia.

Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO of Epsilon

Telin HK offers a comprehensive range of high-quality international mobility services, data services and business solutions to a wide range of customers in Asia. With the newly launched Data Centre presence in Hong Kong, Telin HK can now offer a complete solution package including colocation, dedicated leased line and direct access to major CSPs.

Epsilon’s Direct Cloud Connect is a scalable and flexible solution to securely connect our customers to the Cloud. We chose Epsilon because it enables us to immediately add Cloud and global connectivity to our service offering with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). By working with Epsilon, our customers will see more Cloud connectivity options becoming available, while benefitting from faster deployment and increased network coverage.

Bellinda Lee, VP Enterprise and Wholesale Business at Telin HK

source: https://epsilontel.com/in-the-news/epsilon-delivers-direct-and-on-demand-cloud-connectivity-for-telin-hk/

09 Jul 2018



A giant stride to becoming a Global digital hub in Hong Kong

Hong Kong—April 12, 2018— Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Hongkong) Limited (Telin Hong Kong), a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), today announces the opening of their first state-of-the-art commercial Data Centre in Hong Kong.  The Data Centre branded Neutral Cloud & Internet Exchange (neuCentrIX) is located on the 14th Floor of iTech Tower II and it is meant to create capacity for companies in the region to connect to their partners, customers, and employees.

Our focus is on Great China & APAC customers who need a remote site in Hong Kong & Indonesia. “We’ve established neuCentrIX with the designed capacity to provide colocation and hosting services to small and big enterprises in these regions. The data centre will also provide other value-added services such as Inter-rack cabling, Smart hand, Storage space, Meeting Room, and Remote Peering over the Telin Point of Presence.”

This first data centre is meant to serve as the first step of neuCentrIX’s utmost objective to becoming a Global Digital Hub in Hong Kong. Besides providing conventional data centre services, the data centre is set to offer highly budget-friendly and custom-made solutions to clients. Ultimately, neuCentrIX’s clients will benefit from a secure and efficient connection of their businesses to Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Global network.

Highlights of the Data Centre

  • CapacityneuCentrIX3small

neuCentrIX which is currently housed on the 14th floor of the iTech Tower II is planned to further expand to other floors in the building in the later development of the data centre. In the meantime, the data centre provides an approximately 4660 square feet space for co-location and accommodates 200 racks.

  • Power

The new data centre makes use of a dual 11KV feeder from CLP’s transmission ring, a 2N UPS with 15 minutes battery backup, an essential power of 2N setup of Transformer and Generator sets, a power provision of 3 kVA per rack, and a 48,000 litres capacity multiple fuel tanks for diesel backup.

  • Cooling

The data centre makes use of N+1 chillers and Environmental Control by Schneider Electric CRACs to ensure an effective temperature control. At all times, the temperature at the data center is maintained at 22 +/- 2 degree Celsius with humidity of 50 +/- 10%, while using Gas based FM200 for fire suppression.

  • SecurityneuCentrIX5

neuCentrIX employs surveillance monitoring of all racks with digital recording from a 24 hours surveillance CCTV system for increased security. The data centre building also has access control with 24 hours entranced security guards, while all critical facilities are kept secured with BMS.

About neuCentrIX

neuCentrIX is a data centre service arm of Telin Hong Kong, a subsidiary of the leading Indonesia Telecommunication company (Telkom Group). Located in iTech Tower II, Hong Kong, neuCentrIX functions with the parent company’s ethics and value in delivering secured and high capacity data centre services. Enterprise clients depends on neuCentrIX to deliver seamless data centre service experience with services ranging from Collocation to Network and Connectivity, IP transit, Direct Internet Access, Content Delivery Network, Cloud services, Inter-rack connection, smart hand and storage space provision. For more information about neuCentrIX services, please visit www.neuCentrIX.com

neuCentrIX2 (1)smallPhone : +852 3102 3309

Fax : +852 3102 3306

Email address : info@neucentrix.com