Global IP-Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to concentrate on your core business activities thoroughly by providing end-to-end service covering ordering, installation, management, and maintenance of your network.

Global IP VPN leverages advanced MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology to deliver the cost benefits and flexibility of a shared network environment while providing the performance, reliability and data integrity of traditional connection based private networking platforms. Offering a true path to network convergence, it allows customers to consolidate their voice, data and applications traffic onto a single secure network.


  • Expandable Coverage Area.
  • Simply connecting existing customer IP network from different providers.
  • Cost effective with any-to-any connectivity between different providers.
  • Retaining IP VPN service quality with capability of doing class of service mapping.
  • Manageability (End to End Manageable, NMS for monitoring, User Friendly, based on web (real time) reporting).
  • High security provided by use of both public and private IP address.
  • Better cost performance.
  • Provisioning Scalability.
  • Extra lines or offices can easily be added.
  • With Network-to-Network Interconnection, more than one provider MPLS Network can be interconnected and do class of service mapping. It is an optimum solution for multinational customers who use IP VPN connection from different IP MPLS provider in different countries

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