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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Internasional (Telin) is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, a state-owned telecommunication and network service provider. Telin focuses in international telecommunication business as well as serves as Telkom’s business arms in managing and developing its business lines abroad.

With vision the The World’s Hub for TIMES (Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment and Services), currently Telin owns 10 footprints in Singapore, Hong Kong, Timor Leste with its product called Telkomcel, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, USA, Myanmar, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To add, Telin existence in global telecommunication business is also marked with 19 Point of Presence (PoP) that located in various countries in the world. With the strategy of TelkomGroup compiled with reliable networks and infrastructures, enable Telin to provide high quality services that reaches all parts of the world.

Our Services

Explore our extensive capabilities and global telecommunications network to grow your business and expand your global reach.


neuCentrIX Data Centre

neuCentrIX is a data centre service arm of Telin Hong Kong, a subsidiary of the leading Indonesia Telecommunication company (Telkom Group).


Wholesale Data

Telin also realize that all business activities should have a chance to get ahead and stay competitive. Therefore, Telin presented to provide global data connection that can help business partners in finding appropriate solutions to the problems faced by their business.