Is designated to fulfill the demands of privately owned secure global networks with dispersed locations. It provides you with personalized circuit solely owned by you and not shared by others. The service also provides a reliable platform for global private networks, supported not only from Indonesia to the world, but also links among countries that connected by Telkom’s terrestrial fiber links & submarine cable system.

We are aware that failure in connection could have bad impacts toward business. Telin is supported by superb self owned infrastructure and backed up by international partnerships that deliver wide coverage network connection. With such capabilities, we could provide you with various alternatives lines to back up the connection and prevent such failure. Our commitment to individual satisfaction is continue by offering speeds suitable for your business requirements from up to STM-64. This service solution ensure cost effective connectivity adapted to customers’ growing business needs.

As we stated earlier that every business is unique, we recognize that not all businesses require large scale capacity. To meet the demand for those who desire a reliable and flexible alternative network capacity, we provide you with IRU Service.

Additional Benefits:

  • The dedicated secure circuit ensures an instant connection to transmit data.
  • The 24 hours 7 days a week technical support and stringent SLAs to ensure delivering the most reliable, secure solutions on the market.

More Information:
Call: +852 31023309